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Microsoft Teams Learn from Home Webinar | 3/17/20

 Microsoft Teams makes a convenient distance learning tool, with its scale and availability, ability to add guests, tie-ins with OneNote for Teachers, online grading and assignments, and anywhere-access capabilities.

However, when classes are rushed online we have seen some growing pains, from too many students in the virtual classroom at once and creating too much background noise, to being unable to monitor who's actually paying attention. So to ensure success, there needs to be some process work alongside the tech enablement.

On Enabling Tech’s webinar on Tuesday, March 17th, you can learn the critical success factors if you’re considering using Teams to work and educate remotely.

You will learn:

  • Best practices for ensuring your faculty and staff are ready
  • Tips for supporting Teams, such as the Call Quality Diagnostic tool and remote network test tool
  • How to alter policies to minimize the risk of inappropriate sharing and inappropriate behavior
  • Tips for running virtual classrooms and instructional meetings


Who should attend:  Instructors, Professional Development and IT Pros are all welcomed to get ramped up quickly.

                 March 17th at 11am CT

We hope you can join us!

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Partner with Enabling’s team of Adoption & Change Management experts to assess your current state of adoption and develop a plan to maximize that adoption in 2020.


Christine Esterling Director of Change Management, Enabling Technologies

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