Enabling’s cybersecurity services are ideal for organizations looking for the advantage of a team of security professionals without the cost and complications of a full-time CISO. Our team of experts bring a combined 60+ years of experience and specializes in both technical and policy tracks of cybersecurity.

The Enabling Technologies cybersecurity team can assist your organization with security strategy and planning, policy, security awareness and culture change management, audit preparedness and data classification consulting.

Security Strategy

Vulnerability, Defense and Incident Management

Enabling Technologies will be trusted advisers who will collaborate with organizational executives and key stakeholders to develop strategic and tactical plans to protect and defend your organization from emerging security threats. Enabling Technology utilizes some of the most advanced AI driven enterprise security tools in the world in order quickly detect and remediate vulnerabilities in your environment. We will prioritize remediation efforts, so your team focuses in on what really matters. 


of data breaches utilize phishing as the point of entry.  Phish Hunter is designed to detect, analyze and automatically remediate suspected breaches.

 In that the same poll, CIO’s estimate 30% of security breaches are due to Shadow IT.

Enabling’s cybersecurity team can discover and provide remediation strategies to help reduce Shadows IT in your organization and help to properly align IT with your business to alleviate the need for Shadow IT. 

Security Policy

Review, Customize, and Implement

Get ahead of the cybersecurity threats with IT security policies that meet current industry IT audit standards. The Enabling team has a long history of writing creative, compelling, and concise documentation. If you are looking to outsource the development of your security policies, we offer three service options. 


Policy Review

We review, edit, and make recommendations to your existing IT policies to assure alignment with current IT audit standards and security best practices.

Collaborative Policy Development

Your team and Enabling Technologies will work together collaboratively to write, edit, and publish your IT security policies.

Full Policy Outsourcing

Enabling will provide a full-time, policy expert to work with organizational stakeholders to create and publish baseline IT security policies.

Security Awareness

Culture Change Management

Improve your organization’s security posture and culture through a security awareness change management program. 


Safely phish your organization to understand staff and organization proneness to business email compromise, spear phishing, and phishing attacks.

Detailed dashboard reports to executives to understand security risks.

On demand cybersecurity training through an on-line training portal.

All provided as an annual subscription.

Security Response and Compliance

Incident Response / Audit Preparedness and Remediation

Enabling’s cybersecurity team have years of experience in participating in preparing for and responding to IT security audits. We can help you understand remediation needed before or after an IT audit.


Get Started!

The Enabling Technologies cybersecurity services team will help to mature your security posture and enable your security management to be proactive rather than reactive. Enabling Technologies offers several consultative arrangement options to best meet the needs of your organization. Enabling SPARC will ignite your organization’s security posture.  

Cloud Security Services: Best in Breed

Defense in depth no longer means managing several different security vendors. Microsoft spends approximately $1B USD researching and developing security solutions. Innovations come..

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10 minutes to resolution, compared to what otherwise could’ve gone undetected for days or months.

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It's nice to see some of the new functionality that we heard about at Ignite 2017 coming to fruition. Microsoft announced ATP anti-phishing capabilities in Office 365 in the...

Secure and Monitor Domain Controllers

Microsoft has not been historically known for security.  Why would they?  From the creation of Office and Active Directory, their focus for an enterprise was productivity and letting the customer configure their own security.


Azure Backup Server Installation

The final two deployment options for Azure Backup are System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) and Microsoft Azure Backup Server (MABS).  Since both are very similar this article will review how to deploy MABS. 


Phishing Facts: Do not be a Statistic (Infographic)

$15M on average, according to Microsoft, but this is thrown off by the supersized breaches at the likes of Target, Anthem, and Equifax.  Still, in middle America, the losses are adding up.