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Microsoft 365 Security Assessment

Stay On Top Of Your Security Game

Securing your Microsoft Office 365 environment and data is a critical part of moving your workloads to the cloud. Our team of Office 365 experts will lead you through the process of identifying key elements to better secure your Office 365 environment and help ensure that your company’s critical data is protected. We use Microsoft’s Office 365 Security Assessment, which offers a set of clear, proven processes and recommendations. While security provided by cloud vendors is by far the safest environment to use today for your business, each of the settings must be defined and evaluated regularly.

Why Partake In A Microsoft 365 Security Assessment?

When you move your data to a cloud provider, who is responsible for the security of your data—the cloud provider or your organization? Many business leaders view security as the sole responsibility of the cloud provider. However, true cloud security requires a collaborative effort between the provider and the organization itself. An Office 365 Security Assessment can help you identify the areas of your Office 365 environment that can be configured to enhance the security posture of your organization, for such things as authentication controls, the number of highly-privileged accounts, audit log review, external sharing of data and so on. By reviewing these controls and determining what is most appropriate for your organization, an Office 365 Security Assessment can help you protect your data and maintain good security practices.

With Office 365 Secure Score we made this easier by helping you understand your security position, giving you advice on what controls you should consider enabling, and helping you understand how your score compared to other organizations.

Anthony Smith Product Manager at Microsoft

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