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Governing Microsoft Teams For Working From Home

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When expediting work from home collaboration, growing pains can include WiFi issues, background distractions, confusion about which tool to use when, and users being unable to solve their own problems. It takes process work and training to facilitate the technology rollout.

Microsoft Teams experts from Enabling Technologies will develop and implement an onboarding and training plan, complete with technical checklists, instructor led and recorded training, how-to references, and ad-hoc Q&A. The results are higher user sat, fewer help desk tickets, and a cultural shift.​


Instructor-led training to onboard employees in Teams, create channels and tabs, manage meetings, record and post to Stream, confirm understanding and request feedback, handle issues, and ensure accessibility. Checklists for loading and using Teams, optimizing performance, and solving problems.

Enabling IT Professionals

Provisioning Teams, adding tabs, controlling governance, managing guest access, restricting unsanctioned sharing, policies for safety/accessibility, troubleshooting tips, and how to get help.

Our experts first meet with your IT team to educate, facilitate decisions, and schedule training. We recommend configuration changes and explain automated onboarding. We train faculty to be self-sufficient, and are available for Q&A support along the way. Use our experience of migrating 100+ organizations to help your institution succeed, quickly.

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It was critical to get Teams right because we thought with the right adoption, we could actually change the way people work.

Ellen Cameron Director at Bright Horizons


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