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Azure Cost Containment Webinar


Does your finance department find the costs of your Azure resources difficult to digest? It's simple for IT and developers to activate servers in the cloud, but tough to predictably budget for their use. Some customers experience to 2x cost overruns and other financial surprises.

This doesn't have to be the case. Microsoft provides cost management, budgeting, and alerting tools that can contain and accurately predict future costs.

To educate IT managers, Enabling Technologies and Microsoft are hosting an educational webinar. As a certified Cloud Economic Assessment partner of Microsoft, Enabling ensures cost controls, governance, and security in Azure. 

Register for the webinar to understand:

  • how costs typically overrun, and how seemingly small decisions significantly impact cost
  • the native tools to get current costs under control
  • how to set budgets and alerts so that you can predictably account for spending in the future

Tips and techniques such as Azure Cost Management and Azure Advisor will be provided. Invite your finance team along to learn about these controls together! 

We hope you can join us!  


I wanted to promote mobile productivity and protection for our people and devices by implementing Microsoft Intune and Azure Active Directory. I also wanted to assure that all of our employees were using Windows Hello, which I could manage through the Azure portal.

Christoffer Tykö Internal IT Team Leader at Play'n Go

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